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I call myself a realist painter.

My purpose is to express truth, kindness and beauty, be it in
people or in nature. Through the process, I attempt to
transfer my aesthetic experience and to discover the
abstract beauty behind the reality, and provide a gentle and
calm element of human connection through my paintings.

Prior to moving to the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia,
I acquired an appreciation for visual art through my
professional travels in Asia, where I studied, created and
exhibited my artworks in Hong Kong and in China.

My works include figurative and portraiture paintings.
My message reflects both the positive and exquisite aspects
of the human condition and nature.

As the West Coast of Canada offers endless inspirations,
being a naturalist at heart, I am more and more influenced
by the coastal scenes – from boats to shorelines, and have
been adding more of this subject matter in my portfolio.


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